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Spectrum Sitters

Spectrum Sitters is a program that connects parents of children on the autism spectrum to specially trained sitters who want to work with children. Spectrum Sitters recruits and trains teens, college students, and others who are then matched with families who need babysitting help for children age 12 and under.

What Spectrum Sitters Learn

CPR Training and Basic First Aid

Sitters will receive CPR certification and training in basic first aid and safety procedures.

Communicating with Parents

Sitters learn how to present themselves to parents in an interview and how to best gather information concerning the care of the child.

Responsive Play

Sitters discover ways to play and communicate with children of varying abilities in a fun and appropriate manner.

Behavior Basics

Sitters learn to follow parent-directed behavior techniques, focusing upon positive behavior reinforcement.

Special Needs

Sitters understand the different types of developmental disabilities and common adaptive equipment.

If you are interested in becoming a Spectrum Sitter or if you would like information on how to hire a spectrum sitter please use the email link below.