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ThAUTful Theatre

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ThAUTful Theatre provides entertainment for kids with autism, autism spectrum disorders, and sensory processing disorders. We negotiate with theatres in order to offer sensory-sensitive performances for both live stage and film experiences.

Upcoming ThAUTful Theatre Events

No ThAUTful Theatre Event is currently scheduled.

About ThAUTful Theatre

  • Lights are kept slightly up at the pre-show level
  • Sound is turned slightly down
  • No Previews or Advertisements
  • No Talking Policy is relaxed

Shanna Payne has had the opportunity to negotiate with theatres to be able to offer sensory-sensitive performances like she’s done with Junie B. Jones and Finding Dory”.

The first event in the ThAUTful Theatre program was a live theatre experience of Junie B. Jones with Be Theatre in early April.

“At first, I contacted Be Theatre,” Payne said. “They were wonderful to work with us and really excited to do it. It was a huge success. We had a bunch of kids who had never been to a play or musical at all who came and absolutely loved it. So I want to keep that going and keep those events coming throughout the year.”

ThAUTful Theatre program was inspired by a blog from a mom in Boston who convinced theatres to host similar events for her daughter who has autism.

“There’s no reason that kids with autism shouldn’t be able to participate in the activities that everyone else does,” Payne said. “We just need to be able to make a few accommodations. For example, the lights will be turned slightly up at the theatre’s “pre-show level. The sound will be turned slightly down, there will be no previews and advertisements, and the “no talking” policy will be slightly relaxed.

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