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The ARC of San Angelo

The Arc of San Angelo, Inc. is committed to expanding opportunities for people with disabilities to be included in their communities. The Arc supports families, advances public policies, provides training programs, and builds a local network of advocates.


The Arc is a grassroots, volunteer-led organization using democratic and parliamentary principles and bylaws. It is dependent on community support and financing. The chapter is independently operated locally. The Arc was formally established as a non-profit, tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the federal Internal Revenue Service code in 1966 as a chapter of The Arc of Texas, Inc. and affiliate of The Arc of the United States. The chapter was organized by parents who were frustrated at the lack of services and the negative public image for children with intellectual developmental disabilities.

Throughout the past 50 years, The Arc has provided recreation opportunities in our community for individuals who would otherwise be isolated. The Arc has provided parent, sibling and community training in collaboration with other family support groups. Trained advocates have assisted in school and agency planning meetings by providing support and conflict resolution. The Arc assists families in navigating the often complex maze of services available.

In 2000, The Arc was one of twelve training sites chosen by the Texas Council on Developmental Disabilities to conduct a Community Leadership Development Project. A diverse group of twenty individuals, either parents of young children with disabilities or adults with disabilities, met monthly to participate in intensive leadership and advocacy training. Participants received training and support from premier leaders in the field of disabilities from around the state. The Arc marshalled community partners to provide child care, respite care, interpreters, location, food, materials, mentors and local experts to augment the training experience.

Vision Statement

The Arc envisions a future in which people with disabilities are included in their communities and neighborhoods where quality services and supports respond to their needs and personal choices.

Core Values

People First: The Arc believes that all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are defined by their own strengths, abilities and inherent value, not by their disability.

Equity: The Arc believes that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are entitled to the respect, dignity, equality, safety, and security accorded to other members of society, and are equal before the law.

Community: The Arc believes that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities belong in the community and have fundamental moral, civil and constitutional rights to be fully included and actively participate in all aspects of society.

Self-determination: The Arc believes in self-determination and self-advocacy. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities, with appropriate resources and supports, can make decisions about their own lives and must be heard on issues that affect their well-being.

Diversity: The Arc believes that society in general and The Arc in particular benefit from the contributions of people with diverse personal characteristics (including but not limited to race, ethnicity, religion, age, geographic location, sexual orientation, gender and type of disability).

Guiding Principals

Participatory Democracy: The Arc acts to ensure that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their parents, siblings, family members and other concerned members of the public have meaningful opportunities to inform and guide the direction of the organization’s advocacy, including determining policy and positions on important issues. The Arc strives for diversity in its leadership, as well as in all facets of the work of the organization.

Visionary Leadership: The Arc leads by articulating a positive vision for the future of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and catalyzes public and private support in realization of that vision through carefully planned and well-executed goals, strategies and actions.

Public Interest: The Arc represents the public interest, supporting and acting with and on behalf of all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families regardless of the type of disability or membership in The Arc.

Collaboration: The Arc works with individuals, organizations and coalitions in a collaborative fashion. The Arc values and promotes effective partnerships between volunteer and staff leadership at all levels of the organization.

Transparency, Integrity and Excellence: The Arc conducts its business with integrity, accountability, and open, honest and timely communications. The Arc is committed to quality and excellence in all it does.

Organizational Design

  • Grassroots, membership organization with power vested in membership
  • Organized with Constitution and By-Laws along democratic and parliamentary principles
  • Volunteer leadership and control
  • Dependent on community support/financing (not government funding)
  • Independently operated locally

The Arc of San Angelo Board & Staff

Board Members

President: Jennifer Rackley

Administrator, San Angelo Christian Academy

Vice-President: Shanna Payne

Teacher - San Angelo Independent School District

Treasurer: Michelle Pape

Texas State Bank

Secretary: Cindy Lubke

Supervisor-Special Education Services, Retired

Member: Blenda Aycock

Member: Kriste Chiacchia

Ranger Aviation

Member: Stephanie Free

Director of Special Programs - San Angelo Independent School District

Member: Karen K. Gray

Volunteer Coordinator - American Cancer Society

Member: Aaron Hargett

Director of Independent Living, Baptist Retirement Community

Member: Jehu Hernandez


Member: JJ Sedino

Most Friendly - Central High School

Staff Members

Executive Director: Lettitia McPherson

Program Director: Michelle Huckaby